Something that annoys you

Started by ericj, June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm

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June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm Last Edit: June 06, 2016, 06:48:04 am by ericj
I thought this would be an interesting topic and didn't see any similar threads.

So, what is something that totally annoys the crap out of you?



People who act like they know what they are doing when they aren't and then you tell them that they are doing it wrong and then your teacher tells me to stay out of it even though Sam clearly has no idea what he is doing.


The Bubble Bobble theme song. Nuff said.  :'(


I'm offended. >:( Bubble Bobble is the best game. There's nothing  -- NOTHING -- wrong with it.

I'm annoyed by water that gathers at the base of a glass. Thank goodness for coasters.


Haha, I didn't say anything was wrong with Bubble Bobble! :D I like it too. I was just saying that the only song in the game that loops over an over again gets pretty annoying after 100 levels!   :-\


Gotta agree with Kuvio on that one...
Bubble Bobble is awesome, though!

Har the cat

narrow minded right wing talk :)

"bla bla we pay tax for foreigners bla" 
i always think then: dude, relax
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People who walk slow and take up the whole sidewalk... or slow drivers who stay close to the yellow line so you can't pass.


Loud people....what are they trying to do talk to god or something??? wtf man just shut the f up and keep walking.
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Yeah I especially do not like loud protesters. Isn't there a better way to settle your problems?


All the rain and flooding that's been going on. All the tornado watches and code blacks we've had to deal with at work.

Mother Nature can be a real beach sometime....
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What is a code black?

Oh, one of the most used roads is under construction.

The whole thing.
At the same time.

It's really loud.


In hospitals and health care facilities, a code black is a serious weather alert, and depending on how serious it is, we close all blinds and remove patients from their rooms and keep them in areas away from windows... If those people are bedridden, we drag the beds into the hallways, or in mild cases, just turn their beds around so they don't face any windows. Everyone gets real bored, real fast, of this...

Oh, and the dining area is in a nice room full of windows. Guess where we can't serve them food?

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Damn, that stinks. How did they allude to Mortal Kombat as the game they were acting out?
Dance, puppets... dance!