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Started by ericj, June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm

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Watching how Croatian national football team terrible plays in Play off for the World Cup 2014  >:(


Immaturity over the internet. Story time!

So I'm a member of a Facebook group dedicated to video games here in my hometown. This guy comes on to ask for a game recommendation. He's just purchased a third-party NES controller shaped like a flight joystick, and he'd like to know if there's any good flight simulator games he should pick up. I come in mainly to recommend Laser Invasion, as I think it's by far the most entertaining game with that perspective on the NES.

But another guy has responded ahead of me with "1942", and the original poster has responded with "yeah, but isn't that more of a topdown [overhead] shooter?" I decide to add my two cents: Yes, 1942 is an overhead shooter, so that's not really what the OP is asking for. Oh, and 1942 is also a crappy game. If the OP wants a good overhead shooter, 1943 is much better.

This evidently pissed off "Mr. 1942". He responds to me, "I like that game. Dick." Ok, I know Mr. 1942. I've met him; I've actually been to his house and bought doubles off of him before. We're not close, obviously (not even FB "friends"). But I know this is an adult here.

So, I state my case on 1942: the music is terrible, the level design is monotonous, and the graphics are horribly dull. 1943 is superior to it in every way, and Sky Shark would also be a preferable option.

Mr. 1942: "What are you a video game reviewer?"

"You're offended I'm offering my opinion on a video game on a video game forum?" (My actual response to him, verbatim.) Really? You gotta be kidding me!

Mr. 1942: "This isn't a video game forum, it's a buy and trade board"

Ok, that's some obvious bullshit. He's inventing technicalities to dismiss me. But I go ahead and re-read the name of the group and the "about" description. Funny... the words "buy" and "sell" (nor any similar words) are anywhere to be found in the framing of the group. In fact, the about only says "any thing video game related." So I called him out on that, and I cut to the chase: he's just mad because I said I don't like a game that he recommended. How unbelievably petty!

In conclusion, I told him to grow up. Is that condescending of me? Sure. Does he deserve it, being a 20-something man acting like a 12-year old keyboard warrior? Afraid so.

His last response: To simply repeat his claim that I was out of line because it's only a buy/sell board. Because that was so convincing the first time he tried that!


I realize we're all overgrown children in the game-collecting scene, to some extent. We all get too excited about 20-year-old toys, and blow entirely too much money on them. Why? Because that inner ten-year-old in us still experiences joy in playing these old games (and admiring their goofy cover art, etc.). But we're also not ten anymore, and there's just no valid reason for adults to still be petty in such a juvenile form (even in a Peter Pan Club like our hobby).
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nerdynebraskan, I despise those types of people.  Some people just have to be right, even when they're not, so I just try to stay out of it these days.

I hate getting up early in the morning, and I hate waiting for packages to arrive.  And I hate that I twisted my ankle, so now I can't run with my friends during our weekly meet up.  :(
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Oh how I agree with you Nerdynebraskan. Not being able to admit you are wrong is very immature indeed, and totally different from defending your pride or something.


I logged into Facebook for the first time, and I was alternating between morbidly curiosity and dread about whether there'd be a fresh batch of drama waiting for me. When I checked the FB group, the entire thread that I'd been arguing with Mr. 1942 in had been deleted. Considering that he's an admin of the group, I have to wonder whether he chose to erase history rather than own up to his immaturity. That's something else that annoys me, to stay in theme with the thread.

Also, getting a new game in the mail and not having time to play it. Stupid adulthood! Also, I'm probably too busy today to give it its due. In related news, I received your package yesterday, MWK. Feedback will be left after I get the chance to play it.
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To be fair, I think you could have skipped out on saying "it's a crappy game and sucks," and instead just said in your first post why you prefer 1943 over 1942.
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Keep in mind that the thread was started to ask for recommendations. I didn't want the poor guy to blow $5 on a game, just to find it terribly disappointing. So I did need to counter that recommendation. Also, I really wasn't there to recommend 1943, which the original poster already had. He wanted a flight simulator, which was not a genre that translated well to the NES. I was quick to mention Laser Invasion, not because I think it's an incredible game, but simply because it's the only representative of its genre that isn't incredibly mediocre. Hell, Top Gun: Second Mission is probably the second-best flight simulator on the NES, and that's about as bad as 1942.
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Somewhat off topic, but I guess this would be right up his street then?


Sounds to me like you didn't do anything wrong, but I would have predicted something of a fallout - I think it's fair to say that if you trashed his opinion and he's a mod/admin, something would happen.  
It absolutely shouldn't, but that's human nature.

I'm not afraid of giving my opinion on things like that here in case someone dirtied it, but if for example I said my favourite game was something like Ninja Turtles (out of sentimentality) and someone else then pointed out legitimitately why it's not well made or on par with other action games, I wouldn't get carried away with emotions on a gaming forum, we're all adults as you say.

That kind of things is unfortunately rampant on NA, which ironically is probably why we are lucky and fortunate to have a nice atmosphere here - anything like that gets shut down pretty quick.  There's no excuse for childish rudeness, even if you're a child to be honest.
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Yeah, that might be relevant, but I don't think this guy is a serious-enough collector to be chasing after repros. I think he's more of a casual retro gamer. The link only seems to point toward a limited-edition run by the Nolan brothers through Nintendo Age. To be honest, those kind of "limited-edition" repros always kind of bugged me; just seems like an excuse to push people into buying them immediately and for whatever price you want. (Which I suppose is also pretty annoying, again tying this back to the core theme of the thread... hey, I'm trying!)

@ security

Health care in the US is so bad it's scandalous. I'd dare say particularly tragic examples like maternal mortality go beyond simply "annoying".
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something that annoys me:one of my other vintage items (Apple newton messagepad 100)  has mysterious stopped working. i have had it stored in a safe place for years now and today i powered it up for the first time and the LCD is all garbled and shot to hell.
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It's-51*C(-59.8*F) out with wind chill. I work outside al day, lol.

heres a webpage showing my current local conditions.



when a website doesn't load because of the ip address



I lived in Winnipeg for a year once, I couldn`t take the winters there!