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Last Movie/Show You Saw?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:13:57 pm

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Watched "Lost in Translation". I liked it.


I saw Major League again. I like that movie


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I saw TMNT, it was...meh.

Superexcited about Grindhouse, I'll probably be catching that this week sometime.

How old you're?

19, actually.


Grindhouse was hella fun, just make sure you see it with the right crowd. If the crowd isn't into it people start getting up and leaving and making noise. The movie is 3 hours long so make sure you get something to drink!


Saw Grindhouse today myself, and I wasn't nearly as disappointed with Death Proof as some of my friends were. Sure, Planet Terror is better, but they're both way fun.


Watched "Pirates of the Carribean 2". I needed to see it because of the impending start of part 3 that I want to watch in cinema.


Shitty informercials. ;)

If it's not Chef Tony or Ron Popeli, I don't like 'em. :P


Yesterday I watched Columbo. The one with Leonard Nimoy.
Great story, great actors, great movie.


The Fantastic Four on TV this noon.


Someone see Spiderman 3, it's worth it?
Famicom lover


Went to see Spiderman 3 yesterday night.
Personally, I liked it. Even better than part 1 (didn't see the second one).
I enjoyed my 140 minutes yesterday. Take this as a recommendation. ;)



That was a good one.
If just all fights were as exciting as this one. ;D


I liked Spiderman 3 as well, although when he went all "alter ego cool guy" wearing a black suit and strutting on the streets I was so embarrased for em that I couldn't watch hahaha  :D


I just laughed at that scene. ;D