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Last Movie/Show You Saw?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:13:57 pm

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Don't you just hate when shit like that happens in a movie. It makes you wonder why they went ahead with a scene like that, as if they didn't view it themselves to see if the scene "worked." Maybe it was for the kiddies. I haven't seen this Spider Man one you're talking about.


I just rewatched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for like the 7th time now.  It is still one of my favorite movies ever.


I still haven't watched Advent Children.
It was on TV the other day, but I didn't like a character's voice, so I couldn't watch it longer.
I need to get the Japanese version somewhere.

Watched the 3 newest Simpsons' episodes in a row.
Episode 17 of season 18 "Marge Gamer") was actually very nice. Marge and Bart played in the same MMORPG "Earthland Realms".
Has anybody watched it, too?

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CNN -- a news junkie considering rehab. :P


The Scanner Darkly -- weird. :P


New Simpsons again and some episodes of "Tetsuwan Dash", a cool Japanese TV show.


The Last king of Scotland

-good movie.


I had "Home Improvement Season 6" in the mail today (fresh from the USA = amazon.com) and of course I could not resist watching some episodes.


The Breakfast Club, always a classic.
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Ah, Breakfast Club...nice. Got a character you relate to most?


Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones


Just saw Disturbia.  It surprised me by having a lot of funny moments.  Gonna watch Pan's Labyrinth tomorrow.


Saw the last few innings of the Orioles/Nationals baseball game.


saw florida marlins kick some tampa ray ass!
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