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What are you listening to now?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:15:14 pm

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Quote from: JC on March 31, 2007, 09:49:54 pm
CCR is cool. Do you have a favorite song?

Yeah, thats very cool! No, I haven't but lately im listen "Born on the bayou" many, many times! CCR rules!


"Fortunate Son" is my favorite. It's a throw back to Vietnam and has the best flow of all their songs. "Up Around the Bend" is awesome, too. I always respect songs that have complex lyrics and that's a song with "you can ponder perpetual motion."

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Wizards & Warriors by The Minibosses.

I got bored so I burned a CD with some solid OCR remixes & have it playing through the stereo at the gym where I work. :P

This is on a college campus, too. :P I wonder if anyone will notice.


Since you posted this yesterday, I've been wondering, "Where the heck did I hear of The Minibosses before?" :D I figured it out....from you. :P FW STAFF PAGE.


Anyone listen to any Icelandic artists? I'm a fan and want to find something new. I've been listening mostly to Sigur Ros, Bjork, and Mum.


Los Crudos - 74 songs to break the frontiers.
Awesome CD!
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"Open Your Eyes" by DJ Encore.  It is techno.  ^.o;


I'm not into the techno scene much at all. I've only got a couple songs in my stash, including Encore's "I See Right Through You."  Can you recommend some songs/artists?


I'm listening to my older Kiroro and Mr Children albums again.


Modest Mouse's "Good News For People Who Love Bad News". "Float On" never, ever fails to put me in a better mood, no matter what.


"Float On" is an excellent track. I can't get into their new stuff, though. :-\


"Final Fantasy IX" Piano Collection. 8)


Um. I have my iTune player set to shuffle. It just transitioned from Slipknot's "Wait And Bleed" to Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby." :D


I'm hooked to Ayaka's first album ("First Message") right now.


I'm not a big fan of Modest Mouse, but I sampled the first song from their new CD in a store and was impressed by it. I gotta get that song.