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Started by Doc, July 30, 2006, 12:16:18 am

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Quote from: wilykat on January 08, 2022, 10:25:55 pmI don't have a picture but I hope the description is enough.  I am pretty sure it's a Konami game because I saw it in the game even though it was edited out in the pirate multi-cart.  It is a overhead driving which has 2 different views. The zoomed up view shows minimal detail and several squares. If you move into one square, it "zooms" out to a large maze that I can move around. If I leave the edge, it "zooms" down back to minimal detail.  One of the maze had Konami hidden, the pirates clearly missed this one.

I'm pretty sure that's Route 16, but it's not a Konami game.

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When I was young(er) my cousin had this game to his Famicom that I've been searching the internet for from time to time without coming close to finding. The label was really cool with a bunch of monsters/villains that almost arose like a mountain with what I guess was the finals boss at the back and in top of them all. That's how I remember it anyways. No text on the label.

The curious thing is that when we popped in the game it was paperboy! At that time we just thought that the game developer made a cool as looking label to sell a not so cool game, now I know that the game just had the wrong label for some reason. I'm desperate to find out what game it was on the label! Can anyone here maybe help me with the short description above?


It sounds like one of the "Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima" (AKA "Adventure Island" in English) games. The series itself started as a rebranded variant of the first Wonder Boy game but with Takahashi Meijin (a real person working at Hudson) used as the main character. Does that sound right?

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Hmm I googled it and it doesn't look like the game I'm seeking. This looks a bit to "childish", as I remembered the label it was drawn in an anime style, and with no text.


Rockman games also typically have this type of cover art.


I always wonder why in Super Mario Bros, the floor is different in some multicarts !!


It seems that it uses SMB2 graphics, a simple hack.


Anyone know what this white SMB cartridge is? Someone said it might be pre release/prototype.

Not sure how to post photos.


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Does anybody know of a platformer kind of like little samson with a shop keeper character that if I recall correctly, wears a qipao(chinese dress)?

edit: I found it. It's Conquest of the Crystal Palace


Quote from: AlvistheElder on January 07, 2024, 02:01:34 pmAnyone know what this white SMB cartridge is? Someone said it might be pre release/prototype.

Not sure how to post photos.
I've never heard of one; maybe it's a bootleg or you're misreading the cart.
Also, the chances of it being prerelease or a prototype seems unlikely, since the SMB1 prototype probably couldn't even fit on a standard cartridge (the infamous 283kb>40kb myth). Could you try posting a picture with the "insert a picture icon" on the top, and use an image sharing site?
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