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Last game you played?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:54:18 pm

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I tried my hand at Mercenaries Mode on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1 version). After many failed attempts with Nicholai, I decided to quit. I don't have time for this shit.

I also noticed they spam hunters a lot. I mean, I didn't particularly have fun with 4th Survivor, but at least the enemies were more varied there: zombies, dogs, spiders, more zombies, more dogs, more spiders, lickers, more zombies, Tyrant, crawling zombies, more lickers, plant zombies, you get the point.

Not: hunters, more hunters, hey, look, more hunters!


I've been playing a lot of games recently, and it's been ups and downs.

Holy Umbrella(SFC) - Awesome
Gimmick - Very good, got to stage 4
True Lies(SFC) - So-so, it's really hard to aim, generally I need to strafe all the time to hit anything
Hammerin' Harry(FC) - Good, but frustrating(just like most Gen-san games, except the SFC one)
Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 1-3(PS2 and PSP, aka the Disaster Report games) Good, Great and Pretty good respectively. Now I want to play number 4 and Kyoei Toshi, but I don't have a PS4 ;(
Undercover AD2025 Kei(Dreamcast) - Awful controls but has some decent underlying ideas. Needs savescumming to make progress however.
Samurai Kid(GBC) - Very good!
Ganbare Goemon!(FC) - Finally figured out how the game works! Made it to stage 4

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I attempted the "A" rank in Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (PS1). I was pleasantly surprised (just 10 more seconds and I would've missed it!). :gamer:


I've recently been taking a second go at Devil May Cry 1 after initially not knowing what to do in the first room(sounds dumb, but the game doesn't make it obvious that red orbs OPEN A HECKING DOOR). It's been pretty fun-controls and leveling system aren't as good as God of War in my opinion, but I like the music, look, and atmosphere better. After I finish the series, I'mma move on to Bayonetta, see how that is.

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A couple days ago I finally finished Stinkoman 20X6! 8)

Due to Flash's end of support in January 2021, I finally decided to start playing the Flash games that were on my back burner, starting with Rokko-Chan. ;)

Next, I'll play Abobo's Big Adventure. ;D

Edit: Finished both!


Since the series is turning 35 this year, I decided to try and play all the mainline Dragon Quest games this year (except for DQX due to the language barrier). Currently playing the SNES version of Dragon Quest III thanks to a fan translation.

  • Dragon Warrior I (Super Game Boy)
  • Dragon Warrior II (Super Game Boy)
  • Dragon Quest III (SNES)
  • Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS)
  • Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS)
  • Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (DS)
  • Dragon Warrior VII (PS1)
  • Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3DS)
  • Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DS)
  • A spin-off game. Not sure which one yet.
  • Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age- Definitive Edition (PS4)

Besides Dragon Quest though, I've been replaying a bit of Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. Haven't played that game in like 10 years and other than a few rooms and a certain boss, the game actually isn't that terribly hard. Certainly made the Mega Man games a breeze to play after beating the game all those years ago.


Metal storm after hearing about it from SSFF, its so good
Anyone remember the name of that weird Japanese NES?


Earthbound for 3DS! First time playing it, having a blast so far. :)


Odin Sphere for the PS2, great game in my opinion.


Super Variable Geo for Super Famicom, or as MaarioS/VegaVegas described it: "fighting waifus". And as I expected, I sucked at it just like at any other VS fighting games. I'm looking for a scan of the manual for this one, by the way, so I can look up moves for each character.


I'm playing the Assassin's Creed Odyssey at this moment. I think it is the best game from the Assassin series. Excellent graphic and a very interesting story!


Pepsiman for the PS1. Yep, this strange curiosity that's not that great of a game and it's more an interactive advertisement. I doubt if I would touch this one if it weren't for the strange, if not straight-up ludicrous premise that doesn't make much sense. But with the protagonist like that, Mike Butters playing a painfully stereotypical American redneck in the cutscenes and that catchy, ear-worm theme song played throughout the whole game, Pepsiman provides that funny, what-the-fucky experience even if the game is fundamentally flawed. With its difficulty spikes, this game could be an arcade title as well. Just think for a second - an arcade Pepsiman game where you win actual Pepsi cans for beating a level, that would be cool! Pepsi for T.V.-Game!


Quote from: Preki on August 30, 2021, 04:16:44 amPepsiman provides that funny, what-the-fucky experience even if the game is fundamentally flawed.

Perfect summary ;D

I have no regrets burning it to a CD-R to play it during college, but I would never want to try and get through the whole game.


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