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Started by Doc, August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm

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He said he'd be gone for a month. That was about five or six months ago.


If you're new, please review the rules.


Quote from: JC on September 01, 2008, 05:52:55 pm
Anarchy because the leader has been deposed? No. Not at all.

( ´_ゝ`)



or more appropriately...

¡Viva la revolución!


Without rules there would be chaos... and as much as we all think we're the bee's knees, most of us would be dead in an hour. Some might last two.

Hooray rules! ;)



Quote from: Doc on August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm
8. Member impersonation is also not allowed. Anyone pretending to be, or impersonating a member of the Famicom World forums, will be given a 30 day ban, joke or not. If you do it another time, the length of the ban will be discussed by Famicom World staff members.
Quote from: MaxXlmus on February 19, 2008, 11:44:07 am
Cool  :D
I think that's the only time that rule has ever been broken.
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Yes, that would be why we added the rule. 

Some of our rules are just standard netiquette and shouldn't have to be rules at all.  However, there are a few users who don't adhere to standard netiquette and so we have to add common-sense rules in order to reprimand said users.


I would just like to remind everyone of a certain rule:

2. Being active is a good thing, but don't be too much of a post-whore. Try not to take threads off their topic. Add something useful to conversations; none of those one-word posts, please.

Just keep that in mind when posting. Thank you. :)



I think I'm guilty of that, noticed my post count has dropped some lately :)

Thing is, I tend to revisit the site several times a day to keep fresh, so I reply to several threads in one go, is that a problem?

I don't post for the sake of it, but I'll restrict any stupid / jokey comments from now on.
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No, I think Doc is mostly referring to members who use threads to have irrelevant side conversations with their friends -- you see this the most with the members who are 12-16. They use threads like it's instant messaging, instead of using it to talk about Famicom and other systems.


Yeah our younger members are all post whores  :P.